"Pure Bride or Unfaithful Harlot"

Revelation is a book filled with representations. These representations are meant to communicate a specific set of impressions by which the readers may correctly interpret the events transpiring in the world until they see the risen Lord Jesus in his exalted and full manifestation. One representation in Revelation is that of the Harlot. She is focused on in chapters17-20. Another representation, the bride, is focused on in chapters 21 and 22. These two, the Harlot and the Bride are collective nouns being used to represent peoples. God's complaint through the prophets has been that she who would have claimed to be the bride has proven to be the harlot.

In this case the woman you are a part of must be one or the other. You may be a part of the Harlot or you may be a part of the bride but fidelity is not a simple matter of association. Think of the warnings and exhortations to the churches in chapters 2 and 3...If I am reading this theme correctly through the entire Book of Revelation, then the determining marker may have more to do with your personal faithfulness to Jesus than it has to do with organizational participation or "membership."
With a higher desire for Jesus and his faith,
Jeff Miller

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