Only Camping In This Age

Lee Camp has written an extraordinary book on discipleship called "Mere Discipleship." I would like to share the following excerpt with you.

The Constantinian cataract distorts our vision so that we believe it to be the power brokers, the emperors, and the mighty who control human history. Believing that we must make things "turn out right," we seek to get hold of such power for the purposes of the "good" and the "right" and even "God." In Christendom, we try to employ the methods of the rebellious principalities and powers to beat them at their own game.
But one thing the scriptures make very clear is this : the principalities and powers of this world, the kings and princes and queens and presidents--they do not run the world, though they may think they do. It is not nation-states that run the world or determine the real meaning and purpose of history, but God.

Camp goes on to say that God has chosen an obedient, despised minority to be the salt and light of the world, without trying to beat the powers of this age at their own game.

I think his perspective is in keeping with the Gospel and in keeping with what is communicated in the representations of the Revelation.

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