Who has time to build a surfboard when there is an eternal gospel to be preached?

"...and because [Paul] was of the same trade, he stayed with them and they were working, for by trade they were tent-makers.  (Act 18:3)

Who has time to build a surfboard when there is an eternal gospel to be preached? Well, maybe I do.  Recently, I have revived an old busy -ness.  Building Jam Surfboards is fun, hard work, and at the moment not all that lucrative.  But, if up and kicking, it may generate income that would help maintain the present ministry track that we are on. We will see.  After a decade of being on the pastoral staff of an extraordinarily faithful church in Shreveport, Louisiana, we moved to Oceanside with a plan to gather together a simple congregation of people to be centered around Jesus Christ. This plan has been very important to us because Jesus is the one uniquely sent and approved by God the Father to be the savior.  And he is saving, even today, all who come to him in faith.  So, we thank God that He has joined us together with several individuals here in Oceanside that we never would have met if  we had not made the move. And now we gather together as a small congregation, growing in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thinking about building boards has me looking back at Paul. I am certainly glad he did not get  encumbered with tent making  and lose track of his mission. There seems to be a scriptural tension between the busyness of the world, and the beautiful feet of the gospel bearers.  I would like to explore that further.  For now, I reckon we should be thankful that Paul, and all Christian workers, are part of a greater cause; greater and more urgent than merely making a good tent...or a good surfboard.

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