Thoughts on the Book of Revelation

Think of "Revelation" as "a book of 7 visisons" instead of "a book of 22 chapters". It may be more helpful and it is more natural to how the book was written (the chapter divisions were added much later).

The Vision of the Glorified Christ among His Churches.
The Vision of God the presiding Almighty and the Lamb opening the Seven Sealed Book of God's Decrees
The Vision of the prayers of the Saints and the 7 Trumpets
The Vision of the People of God as a Woman and her Conflict with Satan
The Vision of the Judgments of God in 7 Bowls
The Vision of the Harlot City and the Victory of Christ over Her
The Vision of the Bride of Christ or The New Jerusalem

Here are 3 observations from the first Vision:

1) The people of the churches stand in a personal relationship to Jesus Christ.
2) The people of the churches must discriminate against false teachers who claim to be sent by God.
3) The people of the churches must persevere in fidelity to Jesus Christ.

What would you add to this list?

What other types of observations come to your mind as you read this section (Revelation Chapters 1-3)?


  1. Even though you stated fidelity, I would add the greatest danger of all of losing their first love like the church of Ephesis. They certainly had a degree of fidelity, but they forgot what they once were and where they cam from. We can get so wrapped up in the love of doctrine that we fail to obey the doctine of love. We must guard against become so academic that we lose our hearts. Knowledge without wisdom.