total church

" "Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community"  is the best book I've read on doing, and being, "church" (ecclesiology).  It covers a perspective that many of us would recognize as a Biblical emphasis on the real, local expression of Church life.  I Think its a good read for all Christians and It may be especially helpful for leaders of churches and small groups. Here is a paragraph from the introduction:

Alan is the leader of a small Baptist church. He moved to lead his suburban congregation five years ago after several years of working in industry and three years of studying in a theological college.  He has seen a number of people join the church, but not as many as he had hoped.  They have a thriving mothers-and-toddlers' group, a solid youth work program, and an accomplished music group.  And yet Alan can't help feeling that the church is only scratching the surface. Truth be told, it feels as if ministry has become a production line: churning out sermons, putting on events, trying to generate another wave of enthusiasm for evangelism. If only there was another way of doing church.

The introduction sets forth a few familiar scenarios which lead the reader through a review of some of our presuppositions and possible misconceptions on church life.  The authors are interested in helping Christians understand the biblical emphasis upon "gospel" and "community" at the center of their christian identity. I reckon it is filled with very helpful, biblical, thinking. Let me know what you think of it.


  1. I give praise and worship to God the Father. I would like to thank Jeff for introducing me to this publication. I found it to be in line with scripture and an awesome example of ones calling to give glory to God in the spreading of the gospels, by his word and by our example in the way we live as followers of our faith. This little book "Total Church" can be and is a challenge of personal conviction (if it be so for you to be led by the Holy Spirit)to express a more righteous life style. The "Total Church" in fact would show that there is not just one way to be "Church" as we are all members of Jesus Bride (The Church). I found many references noted in the publication pointing to scripture and truth. A well thought, researched and conviction driven writing of the authors to bring an overview of what it may mean to someone to be a member of God's church and or ones community as a whole. Again thank you lord for being there for me at a time when I was ripe for the answer and it was brought by your servant Jeff. Mark P. Oceanside

  2. Hey Mark,
    I am thanking, and praising, God along with you.
    Your brother in Christ,