Jesus came to transform the law in your heart with his Kingdom commands (Matt 5:3-10) How is it going?

Jesus came to transform your law and give you entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven now.  How is it working out?  Check the degree to which He has transformed the law of your heart with His Gospel Commands (Matt 5:3-10).   This comparison of what is in our heart with what Christ has taught in the gospel commands is a good way for us to examine ourselves. Are we being loyal to Jesus our teacher?  This Looking for law-transformation in our hearts is a good way to see if we are entering the Kingdom of Heaven, and encouraging others to enter as well. 

This checking our hearts for law-transformation is important. It is checking to see if we are disciples that are salty salt and lighty light. It is checking to see if we are disciples that are like a sensible person who has the presence of mind to agree with, and assuage, our adversary at law before the dreadful court date at which time we are sure to be overwhelmingly defeated. It is checking to see if we are holy meat set aside for special temple use or if we are that which has become as common as dog food. It is checking to see if we will be held out from the earth's resources as a treasured pearl, or unceremoniously stomped in the mud and valued no more than common dirt. Yes, law-transformation in your heart and mine, is important.

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