A personal question: Am I "in the Spirit"?

To give a good answer for this question I may need to consider what the Question means biblically? I would especially like to know if I can think about whether or not I am "in the Spirit"  in a way consistent with a good, coherent, reading of the Scriptures.

Presently, my best reading of the Scriptures would allow me to expand the question to something like this: "Am I inwardly motivated to do the will of God in obedient loyalty to Jesus?"

A bit more complicated, but that is how I understand the question.  It could be made more complicated. For instance, We could try to include something about how the "inward motivation" is a gift from God, and so on.

Doing the "will of God" can seem to be an elusive concept.  Important for our understanding is our recognition that "doing the will of God" has been lived out before us by Jesus.  So what is "doing the will of God" for us?  To "do the will of God", is to have the attitude of Jesus, the regard of Jesus, and the response of Jesus, toward...the Father, the faithful, and the fallen world. I think it is in this kind of obedience that we find the place of personal communion with God. This communion is not sacramental mysticism, nor mere religious emotionalism. Rather, it is a dependence on Jesus Christ, who he is, what he accomplished on the cross, and what he is doing in creation.  This obedience in which we commune with Jesus...that is to say, "this being in the Spirit", is the place to be.  This "doing of the will of God", is the thing to be doing.  And the most nascent form of this obedience, or this spirituality, is receiving (loyally acknowledging) God and His son Jesus.  In this obedience, or spirituality, we press on to keep His way.  Maybe the most mature form of this obedience would be to have love and forgiveness for those misunderstanding you to death, while grasping for nothing but your Father's good pleasure.

As Jesus is presented to us in the gospel,  in his humble life, his authoritative words, and his obedient death; we must go on, in our confession and in our loyalty, to agree with the Father's resurrecting exclamation that this Jesus is Lord.  To do this we must be "in the Spirit".  We must be "inwardly  motivated to do the will of God in obedient loyalty to Jesus".  Let's press on to walk "in the Spirit", rejoicing that God would seal us as inheritors of the age to come by the same Spirit that lighted upon our Savior as a dove.  What an appropriate seal for our salvation, soon to be made complete.

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