The Reconstruction of Faith

Over 50 Years ago a man named H.Richard Niebuhr wrote a helpful book called "Christ and Culture". More recently some of his work has been released in a book called "Faith on Earth." I have not read the newer book but yesterday I read an excerpt called "The Reconstruction of Faith" which I thought was very good, especially for someone coming from Niebuhr's environment. As Paul told the Corinthians, when we consider our calling, there are not many wise, not many powerful, not many well-born. This has everything to do with our following the crucified messiah. Yet It is a refreshing thought that God might also be merciful even to some who were once thought of as among an elite class...to bring them in humility to a place of loyalty to Jesus. Is that what I am reading about here? Read this excerpt by clicking:"The Reconstruction of Faith".

Don't confuse thy niebuhr.
A name I have sometimes confused with H. Richard Niebuhr is that of Reinhold Niebuhr and come to find out they where brothers. They both held positions at respected schools in the 1930's. H.Richard at Yale University and Reinhold at Union Theological Seminary. They engaged in what might be called a public debate on "just war" and real christianity through alternating articles published in the Christian Century magazine of that time. These article have been reproduced with an informative introduction to their historical setting. There are some interesting thoughts on basic Christianity represented in the articles that you can access in the first 3 links at the bottom of this page.

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