loyal to Jesus

It's not hard to be loyal to Jesus. There is no great hurdle that you can not jump. There is no locked door you can't get through. In a most important sense, loyalty to Jesus is easy. You just take whatever loyalty you've got and day by day you bring it to one place: -Jesus-.
You might not have much but you have only got one place to bring it, one person to give it to! And loyalty by its nature is something that goes with you. All of your loyalty to Jesus goes with you tomorrow to school! Your loyalty to Jesus goes with you back to the house tonight. Your loyalty to Jesus goes with you to work and to Bed. Your loyalty, by its definition must have an "on-goingness" to it. So, go be loyal to Jesus with whatever loyalty you have got and you will not be disappointed in Him.


  1. my loyalty is filthy rags, however. So I cannot bring any of my own loyalty to Jesus and have it count one iota for me.

  2. Is your faith in Jesus filthy rags and therefore you can not give your faith to Him?