somebody better recognize

In a basketball game at our gym I heard this interesting phrase. It was shouted out when a player on one team demonstrated that he had a particularly good 3 point shot and he was not receiving adequate defensive attention from his opponents. After he hit his second poorly contested 3 point shot in a row it was shouted from the bleachers, "Somebody better recognize!" meaning acknowledge this person for who he is, his ability on the court, and his presence on the court, and behave accordingly.
In the Bible, the "pisteuo" word group (usually translated believe/faith) is used with the meaning of "loyal recognition" toward a person.

I think that outside the Bible, people are using the word "faith" in ways that confuse our bible reading. In modern culture the English word "faith" is often used to express "confidence," "religious confidence," "self-confidence," or "a religious optimism about the future." With this meaning the word is used in sentences like, "You just got to have faith." "I'm keeping the faith." "Do you have a strong faith?" with a meaning that gives the word an impersonal and generic slant not appropriate to it's use in scripture. Some common uses for "believe" are also out of step with the scriptural idea. Outside prophetic scripture you may find statements that we "believe" or do not "believe" in a proposition such as: "there will be a resurrection", but this usage does not carry the biblical meaning of the more personal "loyal recognition." When propositions are the issue, the authors of scripture use different vocabulary. For example the Pharisees "say" there is a resurrection and the Sadducees "say" there is not. We don't find "they have faith in" or "they believe in" the resurrection. In the prophetic scriptures the idea of "Loyal recognition" is not easily divorced from obedience. The biblical author James shores up the "loyal" part of the "loyal recognition" meaning. The demons "recognize" God and they often "recognized" Jesus, but Abraham had a "loyal recognition" that was born out in his acts of obedience. This means that if we would read the prophetic scriptures on their own terms, a close definition of the "pisteuo" (believe/faith) word group will be worth our careful observation.

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