Whole Book Reading Reminder

Just a reminder here of the fact that we want to read all the way through our designated book...ideally at least once a week, in a single sitting. Several times a week, each in a single sitting, would be nice. With this approach to bible study over several months of concentrating on a single book we should have several single- sitting whole-book-reads.

We are convinced this "whole book reading" is something that is missing for most serious students of scripture. Think about it. We all listen to sermons that are zeroing in on a small section. We quote and memorize and understand(?) isolated passages. We seek deeper understanding by considering other passages from other books which we think are on topic. We do "thru the Bible" reading as a spiritual discipline and these readings will carry us thru the Bible but only a section at a time, stretched over a period of several months and often interspersed with other readings. Even our commentary reading tends to be subject to the same "passage, isolated from passage, isolated from passage" weakness. What is missing? Reading through a whole book, seeing the themes, repeated and contextualized vocabulary, and whole book message, from the intended framework for understanding the parts -The whole book! So read on "whole bookers".

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