"Righteous Nation"

Chapters 20-27 of Isaiah seem to speak of the failure of trusting in the powers of this age and the deliverance of the people who wait on the Lord.

"So it will happen in that day," is a phrase repeated here (Isaiah 24:21, 27:1) and refers to that which will be accomplished through the messiah. Jesus will be "a defense for the needy" and a "refuge from the storm" of maltreatment which "the ruthless" will pour on them (Isa. 25:3-5).

In Isaiah 25: 6-8 we hear of God's plan to prepare a rich banquet for those who wait on Him. finally in 26:2 we hear the instruction that the gates of the city of God should be opened that the "righteous nation" (or "legitimate," see "legitimacy" article linked below)may enter. I would think this is a reference to the righteous or legitimate nation that Jesus speaks of in the parable of the land owner and the vineyard workers (Matt. 21:33-45) in which Jesus told those who laid claim to the title "Israel" that the Kingdom of God would be taken away from them and be given to a nation producing the fruit of that Kingdom. So How can we, the readers of Isaiah be that "righteous nation?" By being of a kind with the true Jew, the true son of God, Jesus Christ.

looking forward to the "lavish banquet,"
Jeff Miller

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